Irondog International currently offers 15 titles ranging from competition obedience, protection, and the canine sport of Irondog Triathlon and Pentathlon. The ID3 (Triathlon) and the ID5 (Pentathlon) is a fast paced sport that requires strength, speed, endurance, and courage. In the near future we will be adding more titles and even more difficult protection and obedience scenarios. Check back for updates! 

Sean Dineros-

Vice President

Kristen Schaefer-Secretary/treasuer



David Lewis-President

Lisa Simmons-

marketing director

About irondog international

Kristen Schaefer-Secretary/Treasurer

Britney Byrnes

Judge/Decoy Director 


A group (David Lewis, Sean Dineros, Kristen Schaefer, Lisa Simmons, Jose Manzano) of working dog enthusiasts/competitors teamed up to take over Irondog International from Enzo Cullota due to medical problems.This group has a combined 30 plus years of working canine experience and training. 


Jose Manzano Stepped down and Britney Byrnes replaced him in the ownership group


Dave Putnam Founded Irondog to test the physical capabilities of the American Bulldog. It was the first canine sport designed specifically for Bulldog and Mastiff breeds.


Greg Souza takes over ownership from Dave Putnam his close friend to continue to evolve and grow the great sport of Irondog. 


Ray Barrera takes over Irondog International and introduces new and exciting canine obedience and protection titles.