Temperament Test: IDTT

Start/Phase 1:
Greeting from Evaluator (dog must remain controlled at all times)
Evaluator will call the trialing team forward to a designated area. A greeting will take
place as the evaluator introduces himself to the handler, shaking his/her hand, and then asking the dog’s name and permission to pet the dog. The evaluator will then pet the canine on its head & back. Once this has been completed, the evaluator will ask the handler to take the canine to a designated area for inspection. 

Phase 2: Inspection of dog (may be on Ground or Table)
Evaluator will inspect the canine’s ears and teeth (the evaluator must physically inspect the canines himself). The evaluator will then inspect the canine's physical body (same as inspecting for conformation, excluding genitals) starting with the canine's shoulders, forearms, back and rear. 

Phase 3: Obedience (walking on a loose lead)
Exercise will be marked out in 20 pace increments. Team will begin on evaluator's direction from a controlled position heeling forward 10 paces, halting at designated area for a sit (3 seconds waiting for evaluator's instructions), heel forward 10 paces left turn, heeling forward 10 paces halting at designated area for a down (3 seconds waiting for evaluator's instruction), heeling forward 10 paces left turn.

Phase 4: Obedience through Obstructions (walking on a loose lead)
Team will continue heeling forward and across the first obstruction, being an 8ft. tarp placed center of 20 paces (dog must cross the tarp with confidence but may show signs of curiosity with absolutely no sign of fear or uncertainty) continue heeling to marked area, at end of 20 paces left turn heeling across a 8ft. toy pit (dog must not remove any items from the pit). Team will continue heeling forward towards the evaluator in preparation for the next scenario.

Phase 5: Obedience through a crowd (walking on a loose lead)
On evaluator's instruction, the team will heel in a direction toward the center of the field, through a crowd in a figure eight pattern, and then back toward the evaluator who will be awaiting the team at the start.

Phase 6: Unsupervised Handler Control
Handler will place dog in a controlled position, hand the lead over to the evaluator and walk out of sight to a designated area where he/she will remain until instructed to return, after a full 60 seconds.

4-6 ft. nylon or leather lead, flat collar, choker or fur saver on dead ring only (absolutely NO spike collars).

Failures: (Evaluator may call a halt to the trial at any time for any of the following reasons)
Dog can NOT show any signs of uncertainty
Overly aggressive or excessively shy dogs
Absolutely NO aggressive gestures toward the dogs   

Note: Dog MUST pass all 6 phases in order to earn an IDTT (Irondog Temperament Title)