If you are interested in hosting a Irondog event please contact either Secretary Kristen Lewis at 520-431-6502 or President David Lewis at 480-231-2796/  


1) ALL breeds including altered Dogs may compete in ALL Irondog International events, MIXED or FIXED!.
2) All Irondog International events must be sanctioned. Contact either David Lewis/President or Kristen Schaefer/Secrectary to schedule an event.
3) An Irondog judge has the authority to dismiss any competitor for unsportsmanlike conduct, arguing with the judge, aggressive behavior in general to another competitor, be it human or canine. The judge also has the right to dismiss any dog he or she feels is sick, injured, or in heat.
4) During ALL stages of Irondog (DHT, GDT, ID3, ID5, IDTT, IDOB, IDP, ID6M or ID12M) dogs must wear a flat collar, choke chain, or fur saver attached to the dead ring (spike, pinch and or e-collars are NOT allowed)

5) All competitors must be 12 months old to compete excluding the IDTT.